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With Wharfedale’s extensive experience in large and long-throw driver design, we are proud to introduce a new range of subwoofers, the UPC Series. This active subwoofer range is ideal for any Home Cinema system. Not only does the UPC Series offer drastically improved bass performance, it also integrates flawlessly with other speakers in the market.

Wharfedale’s UPC Series is a complete subwoofer solution for a variety of system. The built-in power amplifier as used in every model is capable of producing extended subsonic with complete precision and clarity. The push x 2 design philosophy is unique in the subwoofer range. A continuously variable crossover range adjustment provides seamless integration with the other speakers in the system, while a variable phase adjustment facilitates perfect subwoofer/room interface. These functions can be accomplished by activating a menu switch on the back panel or via remote operation. One bass unit is front firing, the other is rear firing. They are in phase and push together. The advantage of these two drivers is: a) a larger cone area for a minimal enclosure size; b) force cancellation
In addition there is an LCD display which allows more user friendly selection in combination with the remote control. It also contains the all new movie and night mode, which can be selected remotely. We hope they give you much pleasure. The UPC Series offers three subwoofers in a variety of sizes - UPC6, UPC8 and UPC10. All the three showcase the same design configuration. A handy, fully functional remote control for easy use and convenience is supplied as an accessory.
*  Line level high pass output
*  Variable low pass crossover slope adjustment
*  Variable phase adjustment
*  User-selectable sound effect modes
*  Comprehensive display screen to facilitate operation
*  Fully functional remote control for all modes

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Description/Format Active Subwoofer System
Driver Units 2 x 200mm (8'') Cone Long-throw
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) 30 - 120Hz
Amplifier Power Output 350W
Line Input Sensitivity 250mv for 300W
Crossover Range 30 - 150Hz
Inputs Stereo Line In (2 x RCA Phono); Mono (LFE) Line In (RCA Phono); Stero Speaker Level In
Input Impedance 10kOhms
Signal-to-noise Ratio (S/N) ≥90dB
Avg.Max Output @ 1m 115dB
Features Phase Inversion, Autoon/off, Low-Pass filter slope adjustment, Sound effect modes
Dimensions (H x W x D) 355 x 308 x 300 (mm)
Net Weight 13.8kg
Diamond 11 Series