A thrilling listening experience with zero hassle

Wharfedale Diamond Active Series couple innovative, convenient wireless technology with an award-winning loudspeaker formula for tremendous bass delivery and scintillating high frequencies.

There is no need for bulky amplifiers and trailing wires anymore.

Two packages are available - The Diamond A1 (2 x bookshelf speakers) and the Diamond A2 (2 x floorstanding speakers). Each system is linked together wirelessly, via the included Diamond H1 Hub, which acts as the central console for all your music sources, including analogue, digital and Bluetooth aptX connections - Everything the modern music lover needs.

The speakers are Individually powered by the latest in digital amplification - a room-filling 100W per system. Combined with Wharfedale’s proprietary Woven-Kevlar bass driver and textile soft-dome tweeter as seen in the multi-award winning Diamond 200 series the result is a jaw-dropping sound, usually associated with more complicated audio setups.

Access all your audio sources effortlessly, with Wharfedale’s innovative, true wireless system

Unlike other wireless and active speakers where controls and inputs are often placed awkwardly on the back panel, Wharfedale engineers have developed a unique hub, which works as the central console for your music.

The Diamond H1 Hub features Optical, Coaxial and RCA inputs on the rear panel with an additional Bluetooth aptX connection for wireless integration of laptops, smart phones and tablet devices. It’s controlled gracefully via the touch sensitive display, or for even more convenience you can use the included remote. Once connected to your source, the Diamond H1 Hub works independently from the speakers using the 5.8GHz wireless frequency band.

Place it on your TV stand, desktop, or wherever you want, without the worry of speaker placement and trailing wires in-between the units - that’s why we call it ‘True Wireless’.

To ensure the same high standard of sound as conventional wired audio systems, Wharfedale engineers have utilised an advanced wireless module, operating on the 5.8gHz frequency band. While avoiding the often crowded 2.4gHz band, the Diamond Active system is able to switch intelligently between frequencies, guaranteeing minimal interference, wherever your speakers may be placed. Additionally, the DAC is built around a high performance 24bit chipset delivering a CD-like quality from all devices. Both the Diamond A1 and Diamond A2 speaker packages include the Wharfedale Diamond H1 Hub.


Individually amplified speakers, for a truly powerful system

Although convenience was a key goal of Wharfedale engineers, by no means has any technology been watered-down as a result. Within each loudspeaker is a high powered 50W class D amplifier. The ability to drive each speaker individually guarantees the highest power possible, with astounding detail and accuracy. it’s performance will blow you away.

Inferior active systems often contain the inputs, controls and amplification housed within one speaker, leaving a trailing wire connecting to another passive speaker. Not only does this create unwanted cabling, this also results in compromised power, with inconsistencies in-between left and right channels.

The amplifier units within each Diamond Active speaker are combined with an intelligent DSP unit and crossover system ensuring the amplifier and drivers are working in perfect harmony. Optimised frequencies are distributed in-between the tweeter and woofer, while the DSP adds speaker protection and a fine-tuned EQ subject to CAD analysis and hours of listening tests by experienced Wharfedale engineers.

Pitch perfect sound, wherever you place your speakers

While the Diamond H1 Hub makes day-to-day use of the system a breeze, additional room settings are available on the rear panel of the speaker. A +/-6dB bass control works to adjust the system for personal preference and for optimum room placement, for instance placing the speakers near a wall. Engineers have also added a mono mode, which is ideal for when unconventional speaker placements are used – you can place the speakers anywhere in your living area and still enjoy a thrilling sound.

A real diamond, inside and out

The speakers use the same drivers as seen in the award-winning Diamond 220. Wharfedale’s signature woven Kevlar cone incorporates semi-elliptical ‘break-up’ areas which smooth the response throughout the audible range. The treble unit uses an advanced ferrite magnet system and carefully constructed waveguide around the fabric dome for optimal dispersion.

While this is identical as seen in the Diamond 220, the cabinet has been tailored for the convenience-themed technology within. A rear-tuned bass port system means engineers were able to reduce the cabinet volume – more akin to those seeking an all-in-one easy to use system, without taking up too much space.

Cabinet edges have been stylishly rounded and wrapped in luxurious black leatherette with a high-gloss front baffle available in black or white finish options for both models.

Diamond 11 Series