IAG at the High End Show in Munich, Germany


The recently concluded 2011 High End Show held in Munich, Germany records a successful 337 exhibitor participation and featured a variety of high end consumer electronic products according to the High End Society

Our own efforts didn’t go unnoticed as our products garnered a great deal of interest from both media and trade visitors during the show who were both excited and curious to see our newest line up of products - a sign that the hard work we have put into the exhaustive months of preparation has truly paid of.

Our main display focused on the Audiolab system setup connected to a pair of Jade floorstanders. Also placed by the entrance is a Jade 7 and an SPC subwoofer.

The Wharfedale DX-1HCP, Quad II Classic Integrated in its new Lancaster finish, Quad 11L Classic and even the Castle Richmond Anniversary also gained a lot of interest.

Among the display were award winning models Mission MX-1 and MX-5, the new Quad 9AS Active loudspeaker, 23L and 25L floorstanders while featured in private meeting rooms were upcoming models as the Wharfedale MS-100HCP, WH2.1, UPC Subwoofer, and the new Mission M-Cube3.

We also showcased a roster of Luxman products from Japan including the PD-171, L-550AX, DA-200; and China including the new S-N10, D-100r, SQ-30u, D-03, Cable series, and more.

Meetings with our representatives were also held for VIP guests who expressed their interest in engaging into a business partnership with IAG.

Our own Director of Acoustic Design, Peter Comeau, was one of the speakers for the 2011 High End Show's Technology Stage. His topic: Bass Reflex, Closed Box or Aperiodic?

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